28 Apr

Are you one of those who are not sure what to buy between electric bikes and mopeds? Well, you are not alone, most people are often confused about the difference between both of them. However, to pick the best one, you must know the major differences between them. 

Electric bikes contain pedals that you will not find in an electric moped. They both offer different wheels too, and you can find some reliable Electrical Wheel Guidelines here. Though they both are equally clean, quiet, efficient and cost-effective transport systems, but electric bikes will be a good pick.

The Differences Between a Moped and an Electric Bike

Here we have included a proper comparison between an electric bike and moped. This composure will help you to discover which one will be the right choice for you.

Body Structure

You will find a major difference in their body structure between an electric bike and a moped. Electric bikes have pedals, and it is also an awesome form of exercise. However, moped do not have any pedals and also do not offer an exercise form.

Driver’s License

It seems funny but actually it is not. You will need a full form of registration and driving license to drive a moped. On the other side, there is no driving license required to ride an electric bike.


With electric bikes, you can often travel on-street bike lanes and also can travel sidewalks and park bicycle areas. The electric bike is considered as a bicycle therefore you can perform all of them with ease. However, you will not be able to enjoy e-bike level travel accessibility with any moped.


With an electric bike you can easily travel off-road, and you can never do it with a moped. Because every moped is designed to ride on city streets not on any other sides. So for off-road traveling, an electric bike can be a good choice.


Another major difference between an electric bike and a moped you will find is their speed. A moped will allow you to run it at the speed of 30MPH, where e-bikes will let you run them at 20MPH. However, you can increase the speed on your electric bike through pedaling.

Between E-Bike and Moped Which One Will Be Good for You

As you know, both of them offer economical transportation, but they do not share the same benefits. An electric bike should be a good choice for you because it offers exercise while riding. Therefore, an e-bike will help you to get better health that moped will not provide. A moped also requires a driving license, that’s why an electric bike can be a good choice for everyone.

Final Thought

Electric bikes and moped both are nature friendly and also good enough to make the Transport system more comfortable. But when it’s about fitness and physical input, the electric bike will be the good choice for you. Electric bikes are more cost-effective than moped, and they require less maintenance. Now you know the main differences between them and can easily decide which one you should take.

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